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Spy Voice Recorder Windows and Mac Compatible

Spy Voice Recorder

USB Voice Recorder + 8GB Flash Drive-Best Voice Recorder-Sound Recorder-Portable Recording Device-USB Audio Recorder- No Flashing Light When Recording-Use as Dictaphone-Windows and Mac Compatible

NEVER MISS A WORD AGAIN This tiny device will change your life. Use it to extend your memory, to capture great ideas and conversations, meeting discussions, verbal business agreements and any other aural record you need to keep. SPECIAL FEATURES Classy silver design, ultra slim, weighs practically nothing, looks cool Small and convenient, can be put on a key ring or chain – Ultra mini portable recording device Dual functionality: digital audio recorder and 8MB USB flash drive in the one device Discreet design with no markings so that it can be used as a hidden spy voice recorder. It looks like a normal inconspicuous USB flash drive. No flashing lights when recording Ultra sensitive microphone Long hours of crisp and clear recording TECHNICAL SPECS Capacity: 8MB Recording format: WAV Recording rate: 192kbps Battery: Rechargeable long life lithium ion battery Systems: Windows2000/XP/Vista 7/Mac Capacity: 140 hours Recording time per battery charge: 15 hours Recharge time: 2-3 hours Size: 6.5cm x 2.2cm x 0.9cm Recording distance: Up to 15 feet WHO SHOULD HAVE ONE Every member of your family, Students of all ages, People who need to learn and remember new ideas or processes, People learning a musical instrument, People undergoing training, Anyone who needs a record of proof, People who need a record of meetings, People who need to record what the doctor tells them, Anyone whose memory is not what it used to be, Anyone needing a small and convenient digital dictaphone to record ideas immediately they come to them The BEST VOICE RECORDER makes a great gift idea for your friends and relatives A great gift idea Christmas stocking filler CONTACT SELLER FOR USER MANUAL

Product Features

  • BUY2 AND GET 20% OFF. Have one for home and one for work. Use one while the other is charging. Always have one ready for use. Have one on your keyring, on your office desk, in your purse, in your pocket, in your car, in your sports bag, in your school bag, in your music case, in your home study.
  • SMALL AND DISCREET as a spy voice recorder. Useful for covert audio surveillance. Same size and look of a simple USB thumb drive. No markings indicating it is a recording device. No flashing light when voice recording. Use as a hidden voice recorder in your pocket to secretly record live conversations. Use as a listening device to gather surveillance evidence about treatment of loved ones in care. Use to gather evidence of bullying.
  • BEST AND SIMPLEST RECORDING DEVICE – to capture conversations, interviews, meeting decisions, lectures, talks, conferences concerts, sermons, ceremonies, training sessions, telephone conversations, radio programs. Use as a digital Dictaphone for your own ideas and everything you need to remember. Great for musical instrument practice and new tunes to be learned by ear. Use it to capture arguments so you have a record of proof about who said what. Good back up for incident or police report. Record doctors’ instructions.
  • SIMPLE TO USE AND CHARGE – on off switch to operate. One touch recording. Functional and compact. More convenient than cumbersome, complicated Sony or Olympus voice recorders. Not voice activated for control over your recording. Low power consumption. Long lasting battery – record all day for 17 hours if you need to. Amazingly simple charging just plug into USB port in your computer. Eliminates need for extra charging cables.
  • EASY FILE RETRIEVAL – Plug USB sound recorder into computer USB port and a folder of recorded WAV files appears immediately. Play back on Windows Media Player or Free VLC player. Super simple one step plug and play access to files. No software to install. Eliminates complicated transfer of files across devices

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