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Corn Snakes as Pets

Corn snakes have beautiful coloring.

Corn snakes are relatively durable, nature is also calm.

They are very popular as pets in the country of Japan.

It can be said to be one of the most calm domestic snakes.

What kind of way of keeping men who do not fail?

Corn snake that you can stay with me for more than 10 years if you keep it carefully.

Let’s summarize its features, type, price, lifespan, from what you need to keep to the proper temperature.

Ecology and characteristics of corn snake

Corn Snake is a poison-free snake of Nami snake.

In the southeast part of the United States of origin, it seems to be found in forests and meadows as well as in barns.

How big is a corn snake?

A corn snake just born is about to ride in the palm.

When growing, it becomes 1 m or more. It is rare that it reaches 2 m.

What is the life span of corn snake?

If you care for over 10 years.

Corn snake is a pet who can keep up with him for a long time.

What is the price of corn snake? How much is it?

In case of a cone snake of normal color, it can be obtained from 6 thousand yen to 7 thousand yen.

It is not unusual to become over 20,000 yen when it comes to rare colors.

Beautiful corn snake babies are available cheaper.

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Reasons why cone snakes are recommended for pets Part 1

Corn snake is highly adaptable snake, easy to keep

The corn snake is strong. Snake is a very delicate animal and is also sensitive to changes in the environment.

It often happens that you are anorexia.

It can be said that corn snake is highly adaptable among snakes.

Reasons why corn snake is recommended for pets

Corn Snake is temperament is mild

Corn snakes are mild in nature.

If you are born under breeding, you will normally be kept and not bitten.

Not only snakes but reptiles hate being touched by people.

Corn snake is okay if it is a little.

Especially when you are still active and your body temperature is still low, you leave yourself to warm human body temperature.

However, if you tinker too much, truly corn snake will also become anorexia!

It is different from cats and dogs, so keep it discreet.

Reasons why cone snakes are recommended for pets 3

Corn Snake has abundant variety of colors, beautiful

Body color is beautiful!

Although the original species are also beautiful, variations born from breed improvement are also colorful.

The race is a dark orange.

There are various varieties such as albino called pale orange and snow, cream color, things with no pattern at all.