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Differing Political News and Views

My political views may not be the same as yours but we live in an era of a free press so you are allowed to say what you think.

But where are all the newspapers allowing me to share my views? They are all dying.

Now, as the major newspaper of a major metropolitan city disappears, ten others will spring up to take its place. They’ll probably be focus specific, such as political or special interest papers, papers with a slant. The daily newspaper will be news as seen from the Pacifist Viewpoint, the Daily Socialist, the Fifth Street Quaker Daily Review. Having low sales and financing for a desktop publishing system, these papers will probably not even be dailies, but weekly or monthly reviews. Maybe someone with money in that city where the daily paper has disappeared, will be willing to fund a daily newspaper on humanitarian grounds.

The daily newspaper is disappearing, but the replacement isn’t so bad either. True, we won’t be improving our reading skills much, but television and Internet news is multimedia. You may even get to see the news live. Daily papers are available online now, from nearly every country, with many of them translated into English. The march of technology is unstoppable. The ‘old fashioned’ paper newspaper will soon be a thing of the past. We’ll miss you, daily newspaper, and we’ll surely enjoy you until the last hurrah!

Finally, the U.S. Presidential campaign is over. We’ve elected a new President, who will, hopefully, bring to fruition the changes everyone has been looking for, all across the board, from a better and more stable economy to improved foreign relations. Most Americans realize that the new President is inheriting a rather full plate.

Who, in their right mind, would want to tackle the problems we now face?

You’d have to be crazy. Begging for pain.

You’ve got to feel grateful that someone is willing to shoulder these massive problems. You hope that the new president will be effective. Change is the platform upon which our new President ran. The fact remains that our U.S. political news is now world news. In the past, the transition of power between one administration and the next has been smooth and seamless. This time, this process seems to be happening rapidly, long before the actual inauguration – and the world is listening and watching closely. U.S. political news is a hot topic, around the world but sometimes a group like REM will discuss in their song lyrics.

Economic chaos, food shortages, environmental crises and war has put the world on alert. Many nations are blaming the U.S. for the many crises we now face. It’s no wonder that the world continues to pay close attention to the U.S. political news.

President Obama has stated that he intends to take immediate steps to stabilize the economy here at home, as well as developing a plan to create 2.5 million new jobs, primarily in alternative energy, or green, jobs. He’s also said that he will have a stimulus package proposal which he’ll present to Congress on his first day in office. He’s already chosen his team of economic advisers, charged with determining how best to invest and manage the multi-trillion dollar funding required to straighten out the foreclosures, credit markets and auto manufacturer’s currently bleak outlook.

Abroad, another issue in the U.S. political news is making headlines. That is the choice of the new Secretary of State. This person, under the direction of the President, will be helping to shape foreign policy, currently in shambles, with foreign relations in a dire state, with certain countries, formerly allies, now uncertain as to where they stand in the whole scheme of world politics.

For example, Afghanistan is calling for a drawing down of the U.S. presence there, while Pakistan and India are becoming less stable, with violence coming from new and previously unknown militant groups. The question of Iran has not been addressed. Russia no longer has a good rapport with the U.S., incited by the recent agreement with Czechoslovakia to build a missile defense installation on Russia’s western borders. North Korea is again exhibiting instability and the health of Kim Jong-Il creates even more concerns. Continue reading