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Best Meditation Methods

It’s hard to contend with this truth as far as even latest scientific discoveries successfully demonstrated this ancient knowledge nowadays. The advantages of meditation are innumerable and an entire book would hardly be enough only to name them. Put simply, if there is just some positive quality, some advantage to well being or personal growth, be certain you can get it through meditation. After having concluded to start a practice, the question arises: what would be the best meditation method for me? Fast look at the Google search results page on the word meditation leads to millions of pages, with 1000 of meditation techniques commended and promised to be the right ones.

Attempting to select the best meditation way of you, remember that there’s no such a matter as Best meditation technique for everyone. Many people think it is simply hopeless to sit with their eyes shut for over five minutes and for such people the best meditation will be the meditation in motion, and in no way Zazen. Remember, meditation is a satisfaction, pleasure of still head, receptivity, quietness, serenity and not only work and strain. Selecting the best meditation way of you, listen to your intuition.

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