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Arboriculture – Live Tree for Christmas

Though you may find that getting an artificial Christmas tree is easy because you can use it year after year and it goes up and comes down with ease. However, there is nothing quite as nice as a live Christmas tree. A fir has a great aroma that is not too strong, but adds a note of the outdoors to your home. It also has a quality of fullness and life that you cannot get with an artificial tree. The fake trees are getting better and better each year, but they will never be as nice as having a real tree in your home for the holidays. With a few tips, your tree can stay vibrant and the mess can be kept to a minimum.

Ask any arborist and find out that live trees produce sap that they save for the winter months. Fir or evergreen trees are traditional as live Christmas trees and are the only trees in seasonal areas that stay green all year long. You want to make sure you give your live tree a version of sap so that it can stay alive and vibrant while you use it for the holidays. Most people use a mixture of water and sugar that you should replace or add to each day. You can also use something like Karo syrup to add to your water, which offers the tree the same sugars. If you fail to water the tree, the needles will dry out and fall of rather quickly.

Because real trees are heavier and not always straight, you want to be careful to anchor your tree down as a tree service company would do. If you have a smaller tree you may not have to worry about this, but a larger, live Christmas tree will need some help, especially if you have pets or smaller children in your home. The tree can topple over if grabbed by a child or if a pet is too curious and goes after something you have hung on the tree. You can buy kits for this, or you can use eye hooks and wire to hold your heavier tree up and in position so that it stays where you want it to be.

When disposing of your live Christmas tree, you may worry about a trail of needles going throughout your home. These are next to impossible to get out of carpet and you could be stepping on them for months after you have rid your home of your tree. Instead, get a bag made just for Christmas tree disposal. This bag goes around your tree so that any needles that fall off as you take it out stay with the tree. Some new trees that you buy from lots come with a free bag that you use to get it into your home and out when you are done. These save you a lot of work and keep everything neat and tidy.

If you feel that getting a live Christmas tree every year and then throwing it out is a waste, there are a few things you should remember. Most communities collect them and then use them for mulch and wood chips in local parks. Also, you can buy a live tree that comes with roots in a bucket or container. This means you can use it for the holidays and then take it out and plant it when you are done. There are always options for recycling that ensure Christmas is not the last holiday through which your live tree can be enjoyed.