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North Koreans Are Hard To Translate

When I heard that North Korea has introduced a food site I was interested to see what it was all about.

Of course I do not read or speak the Korean language so I invited my good friend Google translation services to help me.

It didn’t seem to do a very good job of translating as it was hard to get even a single concept from the text on the Korean website.

Judge for yourself. Here is the translated text.

Generation of human beings trying to live in this land coming from noted pioneer of human civilization on the food culture in the world, our ancestors boast Dishes precious heritage of the Korean nation was created. 5,000 years with the eternal history and splendid culture to our nation pijul followed by long periods of single people in my life that our country has produced in his own wisdom and dietary ingredients of national characteristics and technology in Europe and America can meet a lot of people creating food and has developed succession.

Dishes are excellent daedaesonson shipbuilding nation’s animal and plant resources for food and wisdom in the process of our people have accumulated a wealth of experience combined and proud creature made of excellent food culture. Dishes of our national traits of the people deeper flavor and odor, as well as saekgalyi unique nutritional and scientific history is long and high, guaranteed by the Ministry of Culture is widely known as the world.

Known the world kimchi, bulgogi, let Jim Rock, Lee’s masterpiece of shipbuilding sinseonro fee, the famous and the Taedong River in Pyongyang raengmyeon mullet soup, shipbuilding sheet and tofu, bean sprouts, from the food that we are all people of the Korean people’s national characteristics and the West, symbols national as well as darker colors fit hyangtoae was drifting in my country, my home food loved by all of us as the people of the nation reboot is valuable.

People usually graceful taste of riparian Dishes to serve as a base for a wonderfully comprehensive national clean water pipe line iltteo!
Its name is a significant clean water pipe is revered doeyeo General in the implementation of the yiminwicheon rinyeom great love of crystals, including the Leader and the General imbued with the hanryang not be eunjeong this hot.
clear stream tube, as the splendor that is spacious for the people and for the people and the ability and the technology is high Dishes served in a dining room entirely to the people in the world can not see find.

Leader of the noble idea of parental brilliantly realized yiminwicheon Nagashima won the reverence for the General Plan and the gracious love of the subject in 71 (1982) 15 April 70 anniversary of the birth of parents and fits Leader hatched out of the total floor space of 12 000 clean water pipe and 1,000 ㎡ indoor seats and 600 outdoor seats on Lee’s exemplary service fees competent

Korean restaurant risang Great Leader and the parents in the noble Sir comprehensive national clean water pipes are served Dishes base, serving the people of Fame for subsistence Tanabe disposal.

Yiminwicheon of the Great Leader and parental rinyeom General implemented a more clean water pipes will continue to shine forever loved by the people clean water pipes, subsistence service will scatter the light of Fame.

Rice is the basic staple of our people.

Among our people in various foods like rice and rice to eat the best meals to be considered eun.
Rice originates in our country is very long ago.

Excavated ruins of Neolithic artifacts our ancestors through materials Already a hoe farming era, the moisture farmer Joe Pina, millet, and rice production was after that, sorghum, soybeans, red beans and rice production to have it made ​​and ate the same food You can learn.

Record of the word rice The first time I see coming out of the three countries, which is “Samguk Yusa” includes rice, red rice has the word written.
rice Korean feudal dynasty came to that kind of time also create a more diversified and developed.

Rice white, depending on the material and processing methods rice, japgokbap, ohgokbap, namulbap, Bibimbap, toss the rice flour and the like.

Among them, the oil is flowing round eyes seemed to shine like a bluish white to white rice like a jeonggalhan our people, and it reflects the ethnic characteristics of the Korean people of the underlying stock, and well known in the world.

Round eyes – food in America

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